Talking Gordon


Item Number:

  • R9478 (2010)
  • CFT02 (2014)

Talking Gordon is a Talking Engine. Gordon speaks phrases and his headlamp lights up when his button on his cab is pressed.


  • Take-n-Play version (made in China, sixteen wheels, chuffing sounds in wheels) (2010-2012)
  • Take-n-Play version (made in Thailand, CGI style face, updated body, unpainted buffers, chuffing sounds when button is held) (2013-2014)
  • Take-n-Play version (ten wheels, one-way magnets) (2014-2016)
  • Adventures version (hook and loop couplings) (2017-present)


2010-2012 version:

  • Poop Poooop! "Hello, I am Gordon!"
  • "I am the number four blue engine!"
  • Poop poop!
  • "Express coming through!"
  • Poooooop!
  • "O' the indignity!"

2013-2016 version:

  • "Hello, I'm Gordon!" Poop Poop! (UK)
  • "I am Gordon!" Poop Poop! (US)
  • "Full steam ahead!"
  • Poop Poop!
  • "Express coming through!"
  • Poop Poop Poop!

Adventures version:

  • "Hello! I'm Gordon!"


  • Gordon is voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and Kerry Shale in the US.
  • The prototype 2010-2012 Talking Gordon uses the Take Along Lights and Sounds version. Therefore it features golden magnets and round buffers.